Your Ford truck, SUV, sedan or van is probably such a reliable vehicle, you may not think much about the kind of service it needs. But at Jones Ford in Savannah, TN, the factory-trained technicians in our service center will tell you that maintenance matters. A program of regular maintenance will help keep your Ford F-150 or Ford Explorer running reliably even when you're far from Jackson or Henderson, TN.

The importance of maintaining proper fluid levels

As you'll see when you read our maintenance tips, a regular oil and filter change is an essential part of keeping your engine performing well. Before you travel the highways around Selmer, TN and Corinth, MS, have us check your fluid levels to make sure every critical part of your Ford or other quality vehicle is getting the lubrication it needs. We can check your brake and transmission fluid as well as your windshield wiper fluid.

Ask us to keep an eye on your tires, brakes and battery

Tires are a good example of an important safety item it's easy to forget about. Ask us to check your tire tread with every oil change to make sure your tires are wearing evenly. We can also rotate your tires regularly and check your alignment, to make sure your steering is functioning the way it should. In addition, we can make sure your brake pads aren't starting to wear out and also check the charge in your battery so it won't leave you stranded.

Want help remembering? Just remember to ask Jones Ford for help

Whether you're a customer in Florence or Muscle Shoals, AL, we can send you reminders to help you remember vital service steps. That can also help you keep your Free Jonescare Lifetime Powertrain Warranty in effect. Be sure to look for our service and parts coupons to save money on maintenance and schedule a service appointment soon at Jones Ford in Savannah, TN.

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