If you want to save big on a late model truck in Savannah, TN, then you should see what Jones Motor Company has to offer. This is the one dealership in the area that offers a number of 2019 Ford trucks at an incredible discount. In some cases, you can be the first owner of these 2019 Ford trucks.

What Buy A 2019 Ford Truck?

Whether the truck has had a previous owner or not, a 2019 Ford truck at Jones Motor Company is available at an incredible discount. If you want to drive a truck that will last, then a 2019 Ford truck is the smart choice for Savannah, TN drivers. Ford trucks are meant to last a long time and buying a discounted 2019 model will give you lots of value for your money. Finally, buying a 2019 Ford truck means you will be able to drive the vehicle for a long time under warranty. If you are buying a remaining 2019 Ford truck, you can full warranty benefits.

What 2019 Ford Trucks Are Available?

The dealer has a number of different model 2019 Ford trucks in their inventory. Many of these models have no previous owner. However, all of these vehicles are available at their lowest prices.

2019 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the best selling full-size, light-duty truck that is known for its amazing capability and longevity. All over the Savannah, TN area, the F-150 has legions of fans who depend on the incredible quality of this truck. Jones Motor Company currently has an excellent selection of 2019 Ford F-150 trucks available.

2019 Ford F-250

The F-250 is the full-size, heavy-duty truck that offers an incredible level of power and capability. This is the ideal truck for worksite duties and heavy trailering. At Jones Motor Company, we offer the 2019 Ford F-250 at an incredible discount. If you have been looking for a heavy-duty truck for less, then you will want to consider these 2019 F-250 models.

Learn More About Our 2019 Ford Truck Inventory

Want to take a 2019 Ford truck for a test drive? Visit Jones Motor Company in Savannah, TN today and ask about the current availability of their 2019 Ford F-150 and 2019 Ford F-250 trucks.

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