The many new Ford models found here in Savannah, TN provide you with everyday uses, from commuting to hauling and towing with a pickup. But we still feature one model that's built for thrills, one that's shared by NASCAR drivers like Kevin Harvick, whose #4 car is a familiar site for those of you familiar with the Ford lineup. Of course we're talking about the new Ford Mustang, the latest version of an iconic sports car that's been around for years.



It's no wonder that Harvick's #4 Mustang is in the lead on the track. While your next new Mustang doesn't automatically put you in the running for the next big NASCAR event, it does provide you with the thrills you've likely never experienced before. A pair of engine options give you a range of performances, topping out at 460 horsepower with the dynamic V-8, while relatively new engineering gives you the most responsive steering and handling in a sports coupe.

Beyond providing exciting layers of performance, the new Mustang offers a range of features and amenities across its five trim levels. Before making your decision, be sure to apply for auto financing, then you'll be ready for the best lease or purchasing deals on the Mustang of your choice.

Jones Ford is easy to get to, so use these directions to find your way over today so you can take the new Mustang out for a quick test drive.

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