Explore the Concept of Motor Oil Lubrication

You may not be familiar with motor oil viscosity, but are you familiar with the textures of apple juice and cold honey? Taking the example of sweet treats to explain the concept of motor oil viscosity, apple juice has high viscosity whereas cold honey has low viscosity. In reference to being used in the car engine, the oil used for lubrication should be able to have both low and high viscosity properties. However, the oil should work within optimum levels regardless of the weather conditions.

There is yet another factor that ranks highly when looking for the best motor oil in the market. Viscosity could be the difference between a car engine working efficiently and being so messed up, leading to expensive repair costs. Motor oils are designed to ensure that they perform as well when the engine is cold and when it is hot. However, different vehicles require different motor oil forms for this to happen. Most vehicles use the standard 10W-30.

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