The Innovative Ford Mustang: Handling Features and Performance

Have you seen the latest from Ford? The Mustang has become one of the top American musclr cars from the automaker in years. The latest 2018 models have five drive modes, in addition to the most powerful engines yet for the sports car. The Shelby GT 350 trim offers more than 526 horsepower, and with the latest drive train modes, you can change the way your engine moves according to your need in performance or driving conditions.

The all new drag racing mode is a great feature, and it's something unexpected from the traditional American brand. While Mustang's team has always been top class, the latest engineered vision is something that drivers are calling the best in years for the auto brand. Steering has also been improved, and you can upgrade to the MagneRide damping system, which will let you adjust to road conditions as you drive.

You can test drive the latest Mustang at Jones Ford.



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